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Hello World,

This is one of those sessions that may not be as fun as some of the others but is necessary for me to wrap my head around using MVC and Cairngorm in Flex. My Flex projects are getting larger and more complex. So here I am attending …

Using MVC with Flex and ColdFusion

with Thomas Burleson

Information about this presentation will be available on the UniversalMinds blog (

  • Simliarities between the MVC inColdFusion and Flex 2.
  • Took a look at the MVC pattern in Mach-ii.
  • Took a look at the MVC framework in Cairngorm.
  • Model – contains your business data.
  • View – display data and provides user interaction.
  • Controller – listens for, processes, and dispatches events.
  • How is this done in Mach-ii?
    • Model – contains the business data and manages the relationships between your data objects.
    • View – *cfm pages access data from the request scope and announces event using GET/POST.
    • Controller – Contains your registered event listeners and controls your views.
  • Explored the differences between an MVC pattern in ColdFusion and in Flex.



Hello World,

Now this is the really fun session, full of bells and whistles. Welcome to …

Advanced Styling and Skinning in Flex 2
with Rob Rusher

  • This was the first session I’ve attended that gave away products – swag rules!
  • Flex 3 has several ways to apply styles, including inline, local, external, AS3, and Themes.
  • It was unfortunate that the slides were very blurry. This was not the fault of the presenter but the projector being used in that ballroom.
  • Adobe is planning to have one or more of the Flex Explorers built into Flex Builder 3.
  • You can skinany of the Flex components using graphics (jpg, gif, swf, etc) or using Actionscript 3.
  • This presentation will be available at and click on Presentations.
  • You can embed fonts by specifying the unicodeRange of using FlashType
  • A few more examples later and the presentation was over. He gave away three boxer shorts and a training class at their office in Colorado (ski country).

On to my last session for the day


Hello World,

Here I am at what I like to call the “bleeding edge” session. This presentation may be the “blockbuster” session of the entire conference. It is …

ColdFusion 8: Flex 3 & Apollo (AIR) (The Future of Adobe Development)

with Matt Chotin

  • It started off a bit slow as he gave some background on Flex and AIR (it will always be Apollo to me).
  • Matt opened up the flor to questions very early on. He is a man of few slides.
  • The roadmap for “AIR Lite” (mobile) is still TBA. They first need to get the latest AVM down to a size that can be hosted on mobile devices.
  • There are plans to have PDF support in AIR.
  • Will we see PDF support in Flex? In the short term no … in the future … who knows!?
  • What is SQL Lite? It’s an open source database with a small footprint that is used by AIR to provide local database support.
  • The Flex teams expects to have the stand-alone Flex Builder 3 built upon Eclipse 3.3. By the way, Eclipse 3.3 should be released next week. (
  • Support for auto-run applications from CDs and/or thumb drives is on the Adobe roadmap but will not be present in version 1.o.
  • Flash Player 10!? We are still trying to convince our clients that Flash Player 9. It’s still a future vision.
  • Stop throwing the Yahoo/Google toolbar in with the Flash Player download! It’s only offered if you visit the Adobe site to download the player.
  • He showed a rather simple but cool AIR app built using Flex. You can find and download the app here (
  • You should be able to communicate with AIR applications using CF8 Event Gateways.
  • Can an AIR application be installed onto a Thumb Drive? Matt was unable to answer the question. Give me a few minutes and I’ll tell ya. I love a challenge.
  • Time passes when your having fun. The presentation was over before we knew it.



Hello World,

Well folks it’s Day Two at CFUnited ’07. I am expecting todays sessions to be just as informative and fun as yesterday’s … with the exception of the last session on Wednesday. Speaking strictly for myself I found no useful application for the information being presented in the session. So I decided to get some work done.

After the sessions ended I decided to make on final pass through the exhibit hall to visit booths and talk with friends. I couldn’t stick around for the Networking Event (and open bar). I needed to get home before my family forgets what I look like.

So … the first session today is about a topic that I have struggled with learning for years. It’s not that it too difficult to learn. I simply don’t have the time required to really focus on learning it well. The session is …

Hands-on Regular Expressions

with Michael Dinowitz

  • I have always felt that Michael is an excellent teacher. He began his session (about 10 minutes early) explaining how uncomplicated regular expressions can be. He even presented us with a problem – spam-bots on forms – identified the pieces of the puzzle, and then provided us with a high-level solution – and this is all while he was setting up his laptop.
  • Book recommendation: Sam’s Teach Yourself Regular Expressions (forgive me if I get the title wrong).
  • New in ColdFusion 8: REMatch will return an array containing the text of all the matches.
  • Using pre-built sets also known as Posix Classes can make your job of building regular expressions easier. They also benefit from being self documenting.
  • I like the fact that Michael used his web site as a presentation tool instead of PowerPoint slides. With the release of CF8 and its dynamic presentation capabilities, I think more and more presenters will move to using web-based presentation tools. I know I will for my next user group presentation.
  • The last thing I would like to say about this session is that I wish he had more time to show some more complex examples.

I left the session a bit early because I expected the next session to be a full house. Ciao!


Hello World,

The break is over and it’s time to get back to today’s sessions. The focus of this presentation covers a topic that I have very little experience or knowledge. My next CFUnited session is …

ColdFusion 8 & LiveCycle Data Services

Tom Jordahl –

LiveCycle Data Services is now integrated into ColdFusion 8. No need to have a separated server (J2EE) running.

There are three main category of services in LiveCycle – RPC, Messaging, and Data Management.

He showed an example of sending a message from a Flex application using <mx:Consumer> and <mx:Producer>

Flex Data Maagement allows you to manage distributed data in Flex applications including data replication, synchronization, and occasionally connected clients.

Change objects are used to identify modifications to data records. ColdFusion can inspect this object and act upon it accordingly.

He showed us a Flex wizard that automatically created the CFCs used to synchronize the data and then showed a Flex CRM app that demonstrated some conflict resolution examples. This is really cool stuff!
Sorry I don’t hae more to share with you. I lost my wireless connection during the presentation. Now I’m off to my next session.


Hello World,

I feel that this is one of the more exciting new features on CF8. So couldn’t wait to see what examples Ray had in store for us in his presentation …

ColdFusion 8: Dynamic Image Processing

Ray Camden – Email: – Blog:

He says that his blog has articles on LOST! I love him already.

How do we perform image manipulation now (pre CF8)? Alagad, ImagesCFC, and LylaCaptcha.

Now with CF8 we can work with images as a data type. New functions will allow us to Read, Write, Convert, Draw, Filter, Watermark, and more.

Many image types are supported including, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, etc. Animated GIF is NOT supported.

Love the Star Trek references in his examples. Long Live Trek!

You can dynamically create Captcha images. By the way CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart … in case you really wanted to know.

He demonstrated that adding a border will add the border to the margin of the image thus increasing the size and not to the inside of the image.

Was getting really, really hungry. Need … food … now.

See ya after the lunch break.


Hello World,

Well, this is the first of many sessions at Day One of CFUnited 07. I will do my best to give you a few of the highlights of the sessions that I am attending throughout the conference. So … Let’s go to the show!

Adobe ColdFusion 8

Going Beyond Paper with PDF Forms and Documents

Speaker: Dean Harmon –

Although <cfdocument> existed in CF, it has been greatly enhanced in CF8 such as;

  • Dynamic headers and footers
  • Embed existing PDF forms

He showed us an example of a pre-populated PDFForm (containing a Submit button).

LiveCycle Forms Server is required for more advanced PDF forms creation and manipulation.

The <cfpdf> tags give us a lot of very powerful PDF manipulation features, such as adding watermarks and merging.

He showed us an example of creating PDF thumbnails. It took about 58 seconds to process. This is clearly not something you would want to perform with every request.

The <cfprint> tag allows you to do server-side printing. It only allows you to print PDFs.

The URL to the DDX documentation can be found here: (under the Develop tab).

The session ended a bit early which allows me to catch up on email. Fortunatly the next seesion I am to attend is in the same room. See ya in 30.