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Like a child at Christmas time I was so excited when one of my coworkerspresented me with the three Flex 2 posters; two Flex Framework Diagrams and one ActionScript 3.0 Class Diagram. Thank you Liz, you are a star! They are so large that I was only able to hang one of the three, the Flex Framework Diagram (1 of 2). I think that I will change my “Flex Wallpaper” every two weeks. Flex Wallpaper … humm, that gives me an idea for a great little Flex/Apollo app.

Didn’t make it to Max ’06? Wanna get your own copy of the posters? The posters have been made available in PDF format on the site.

You can download the ActionScript 3 API poster here.

You can download the Flex 2 Framework poster here.


Answer: The Flex 2 Documentation Set.

If you’re like me, you like to have printed documentation for those long rides on the subway, long waits at the DMV, or those uneventful times at your son’s football game (come on dads, you know what I’m saying). I purchased the Adobe Flex 2: Training From the Source Rough Cuts online book weeks ago. Still waiting for the printed version to be released in the book stores though. I was not lucky enough to get to Max ’06 and purchase a copy at the Adobe store. So what does a “book lover” like myself do?

Adobe has released the documentation set for purchase and here is the link: Adobe Flex Documentation Set.

It includes the following books that will keep me in Flex heaven through endless overtime plays and train delays.

  • Getting Started with Flex 2
  • Building and Deploying Flex Applications
  • Creating and Extending Flex Components
  • Developers Guide Volumes 1 & 2

Adobe Studio 8 Review

Posted: October 29, 2006 in Adobe, Uncategorized

Check out my review of the Adobe Studio 8 suite of Products.

Although I was unable to attend Adobe Max 2006 (I may regret it some time) I can be there in spirit … OK, what I really mean is that I can experience the event through the various blogs of those who did attend.

First and foremost, the most exciting bit of news was the release of Flex Builder 2 Beta for the Mac. Go ahead … pinch yourself, you’re not dreaming. Adobe announced its availability at the Oct. 25th keynote. Click here to download the Beta. I spent a few hours last night transferring a few of my Flex applications from the PC to the Mac with no (zero, zip, nada …) issues. Although I don’t own an Intel Mac I found this version of Flex Builder to be surprisingly fast.

Another notable release from Adobe is the Digital Editions eBook reader. This stand-alone application just may be peek into the next generation of internet-enabled desktop applications. The (windows only) application is only a lean and fast 2.5 MB download away. Ok I know, eBook readers are nothing new. The only reason I paid any attention to this beta was because of my interest in the technology being used – Apollo??? Makes you wanna go hummm.

Speaking of Apollo … ZDNet has a wonderful article about Adobe’s investment in Apollo. As one wise man said, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” I spent about 10 years developing client/server desktop application using PowerBuilder. After Sybase bought PowerSoft I transitioned to RIA development using ColdFusion and Flash. Now with the release of Apollo on the horizon I can see my software development career coming full circle. So, yes, I am very excited and looking forward to the release of Apollo. My development tool-set will finally be complete with the release of Apollo.

I will be giving a presentation at the next Maryland ColdFusion User Group meeting on October 10th. What will I be discusssing this time?

Are Flex and Flash competing products? No. In this presentation I explore the ways in which Flex developers and Flash designers can work together to produce Rich “Aesthetic” Internet Application.

This is going to be a fun demonstration with plenty of source code review. Go to the MDCFUG website to get hours and direction. The presentation materials will be available on this site right after the presentation.