The Showroom

This is where I get to give you a glimpse at some of the simple, exciting, and fun projects I’m working on.

My presentation of a mobile app I created using the Corona SDK for the TechCrunch DisruptNY Hackathon (click on image to see video):

VForce Hackathon Presentation

describeType Demo

describeType Demo Screenshot

This is a simple Flex app I created to show the power of the Actionscript 3 Introspection API. With this one little method you can take a look inside any Flex (and now Flash CS3) object to inspect all its properties and values.

See Application Here …

iFrame Demo

iFrame Demo

This is a simple Flex app I created with the help of a co-worker, Elliott Sprehn, to show one can float an iframe over a Flex application. The iFrame will resize itself and stay inplace when the browser resizes. You can fully interact with the iFrame content. This app is not complete but just a proof of concept. With the release of Apollo (pre-alpha) you Flex application can have this feature nativly with using an iFrame.

See Application Here …

BTV Console

(The application is back up and improved! Go check it out!)

BTV Video Console

This is a small application I created in a weekend. I simply wanted to prove how easy it is to incorporate video in a Flex application. In this version I use the MXML VideoDisplay object along with a couple of ActionScript classes to control the videos.

See Application Here …

  1. Todd Sharp says:

    Hey Theo – looks like the link to your describeType Demo is down. Not sure if it’s temporary or the link is broken.

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