CFUnited 07 – Using MVC with Flex and ColdFusion

Posted: June 29, 2007 in Adobe, CFUnited, ColdFusion, Flex

Hello World,

This is one of those sessions that may not be as fun as some of the others but is necessary for me to wrap my head around using MVC and Cairngorm in Flex. My Flex projects are getting larger and more complex. So here I am attending …

Using MVC with Flex and ColdFusion

with Thomas Burleson

Information about this presentation will be available on the UniversalMinds blog (

  • Simliarities between the MVC inColdFusion and Flex 2.
  • Took a look at the MVC pattern in Mach-ii.
  • Took a look at the MVC framework in Cairngorm.
  • Model – contains your business data.
  • View – display data and provides user interaction.
  • Controller – listens for, processes, and dispatches events.
  • How is this done in Mach-ii?
    • Model – contains the business data and manages the relationships between your data objects.
    • View – *cfm pages access data from the request scope and announces event using GET/POST.
    • Controller – Contains your registered event listeners and controls your views.
  • Explored the differences between an MVC pattern in ColdFusion and in Flex.



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