What Does A Coder Do In His Free Time?

Posted: May 28, 2013 in Corona SDK

Hello World,

Memorial weekend just passed (Thanks To All Our Veterans!!) and it was a nice relaxing three day weekend. So what did I do? Go to the beach? See a movie? Go to a parade? Have a cookout? None of the above. I was writing code!

I decided to challenge myself by creating a mobile app from scratch on Memorial day. So I spent the Saturday and Sunday trying to generate an idea for a mobile app that I could do within an 8 hour period. I realized that I have several young nieces and nephews that are starting to use their parent’s mobile devices. So why not create an app that would appeal to them? That’s exactly what I did. I promised myself that I would start Monday morning and stop before Monday at midnight. Here is what I was able to create in a little less than 8 hours (I took some time to participate in a meeting and eat that day):

A cute little game I created from scratch in under 8 hours using the Corona SDK.

As you see it’s a very simple app (relatively speaking) that was created using The Corona SDK by Corona Labs. Why Corona? Well, for me it was a no brainer. After a little more than a year of learning the Corona SDK and the Lua language. I found them to be the fastest and easiest way to create powerful mobile apps – not just games. I still like (and use) Javascript but I now consider the Corona SDK and Lua to be my “go to” tools for building mobile apps. You will be seeing many more Corona SDK-specific posts on this blog!

I hope to complete the app and publish it to the app store sometime in the near future. After all, my nieces and nephews won’t stay young forever. In the meantime I may push the source code onto my Github account. At the very least I may post some of the more interesting snippets of code on this blog.

Until then …


  1. Corona Geek says:

    Great job Theo. I’d love to see the code and how you approached the second level. Let us know when it’s available on GiHub.

  2. This is a really good demo considering the short development time frame. It makes me want to give Corona SDK a shot. Silly question: Will this work the same on iOS, Android, and Windows devices?

  3. therush says:

    Yes Jose! That’s what’s so great about the Corona Platform, I can write once and build to iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and NOOK! Give it a try! You can build apps for FREE using the Corona SDk Starter Kit (https://developer.coronalabs.com/downloads/corona-sdk) and any free or open-source text editor.

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