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New Flex Books Alert!

Posted: May 25, 2007 in Adobe, Flex

Hello World,

Within the past month two new Flex books were released; Programming Flex 2 and Professional Adobe Flex 2 .

I ordered and picked up the Programming Flex 2 book from my local Borders Books a few weeks back. I’ve been carrying it with me wherever I go. I have since read through the entire book and then some. I found it to be an excellent foundational book on Flex 2 programming. They went into topics that some of the other books just didn’t cover such as Skinning and Debugging. The book even covers the Runtime CSS that was released with version 2.01. My only complaint about the book is that I still am unable to find the source code for the examples in the book. Hey Chafic and Joey, if you’re reading this where can I find the download for the book’s examples?

The next book, Professional Adobe Flex 2, I just picked up this morning from my local Barnes and Noble. I haven’t had time to read through it but after scanning through the book I was very impressed. This book seems to be really for the Flex 2 professional. Again I saw topics covered in this book that wasn’t found in any of the other books such as Flex Printing, Advance Charting, and Using the Cairngorm Framework. I can’t wait until I get a chance to dive into this one.

I have a habit of judging the publics acceptance of a new technology by the number of books I can find about the technology in the bookstore. Whenever I visit the local bookstores (about twice a week) I always look in the Computers section to see what new technology books are out, which technology books are still on the shelves, which one are no longer being carried by the bookstore, and how up-to-date the books are. I’m glad to say that I can still find a bookstore that carries up-to-date books on Flex 2, ColdFusion 7, and Flash (I saw the first Flash CS3 book on the shelve).

Call me ol’ skool (or a geek) but I like to have professionally bound, soft cover copy of a book in my hand when I want to read. So guys, keep writing and putting out those books and I’ll keep buying them. I just plant a couple of trees for book I buy.



Hello World,

The title of this post is a quote from Tim Buntel, made at the UseAdobe User Group earlier tonight. It was a rather funny response to the fact that Scorpio is an internal beta name and ColdFusion 8 has not yet been released. So what do you call it?

Another successful stop of the What’s New in ColdFusion “Scorpio” Tour just wrapped up at the Adobe User Group hosted by Fig Leaf Software in Washington DC. The house was full and there were a lot of excited people in attendance.

I arrived just in time to get the last t-shirt waiting in the lobby. It was a white t-shirt with the Scorpio logo on the front. I found my seat towards the front of the room and looked around to see many familiar faces. At times it almost feels like a reunion of sorts. You see those you met at other meetings and you talk about what’s been going on since ” the last time”. As I looked to the front I was suprised to see none other than Tim Buntel in the presenters area. I though to myself, “where’s Ben” but soon decided that having Tim present was more than an acceptable substitute. We were later told that Ben was on his way, somewhere between PA and DC.

The presentation began with the usual disclaimer. It went in one ear and out the other as I waited patiently for Tim to get to the “meat and potatoes”. He ran through the usual slides. I say that because I’ve seen this presentation done earlier in an online presentation format. However there’s nothing quite like seeing it done live. He went into depth about a lot of really exiting new features of the product. In fact I haven’t been so excited about this new release since … well since I started using ColdFusion (version 4). Here are a few of my thoughts on some of the more exciting features:

“The Rich Text Editor uses the FCK Editor and it is completely extensible!”

“CFWindows are sooo cool. You can create multiple, draggable DHTML based windows containing …. whatever!”

“The CFAjaxProxy is got to be the easiest ColdFusion/Ajax implementation. It will support the sending and receiving of all the ColdFusion/Javascript data types! Good bye CFCAjax!”

“I can dynamically build Adobe Connect like presentations that communicate with the server at runtime! Online education has never been so cool!”

8:05pm … Ben Forta arrives … now the fun begins.

Tim and Ben, and let’s not forget Adam Lehman on demos, tag-teamed during the remainder of the presentation. It was like magic, only this was for real.

The meeting came to an end to quickly, prizes were awarded, and mugs were given out. People wandered up to the front to ask questions and say their good-byes. It was hard for me to leave as I stood by listening to the various conversations going on but at the same time I wanted to get back home as quickly as I can and explore some of those features talked about in the presentation.

Until next time (CFUnited, Adobe Max, etc) save some pizza for me.


Hello World,

Adobe has finally made available several of their CS3 products as downloadable trials. You can now go to the following address,

to select which products you would like to test for yourself. Currently you can download these three products separately;

  • Dreamweaver CS3,
  • Flash CS3 Professional,
  • Photoshop CS3 Extended,
  • Contribute CS3,
  • Fireworks CS3,
  • Illustrator CS3,
  • and a few others not listed here.

In addition you may order trial DVDs of;

  • CS3 Web Premium,
  • CS3 Web Standard,
  • and CS3 Design Premium

for $9.99 each. So if you’ve wanted to get your hands on some of the CS3 products to try for yourself, here’s your chance. Just a warning though … these are HUGE file downloads. So make sure you have a fast connection … or start the download and go for a walk.


<greeting title=”Hello World”>

No, this is NOT an advertisement. I just found something really interesting today that I though I would share with you.

I needed to purchase a copy of WinZip 11 to use in my office since my trial version expired. I went over to the WinZip site and saw a payment method that is not at all unique. It advertised that if you buy something from one of their partners then you will get a copy of WinZip 11 for FREE. As always I was very skeptical about the offer. Most of these kind of offers require you to participate and buy from multiple partner sites and you wouldn’t get your free product for weeks to months later.

Well I decided to check it out -Why? Mother’s Day is soon approaching and I was looking for a gift to buy for my Mother. Low and behold, I saw FTD as one of the partner selections. Even better it stated that I will receive my product, WinZip 11 , immediately after making my purchase. So I proceeded to buy a nice flower arrangement to be delivered to my Mother. Within seconds after completing the purchase I received an email showing me where I can download my FREE copy of WinZip 11! Sweet!

I began thinking that if more (reputable) companies supported this “payment feature” then I would be more willing to buy more on the internet. Imagine being able to get Adobe CS3 for FREE if you buy an airline ticket. Hint, hint Adobe 🙂

Now I’m on the hunt for more software companies that offer this alternative. In case you need to purchase WinZip 11 and you still need a Mother’s Day gift, here’s the link:


Hello World,

I added a new page to my blog called My Presentations. There you can see my schedule of presentations I will be giving throughout the year. I will be adding more of my scheduled presentations to this page as I have time. You can visit this page directly ( or simply click on the My Presentations link in the menu across the top.


Hello World,

In case you missed Adam Lehman’s online presentation (hosted by Carahsoft) here is a summary of what he covered in his Sneek Preak of Scorpio (ColdFusion 8).

Disclaimer: The information you will find in this blog is based on the pre-release version of ColdFusion 8 (Scorpio). One or more features may not be available in the final public release.

Developer Support

  1. Image Support. This feature ranks as number 1 of the most exciting features I look forward to.
  2. <CFAJAXPROXY>. AJAX integration will be so much easier!
  3. AJAX Wizard. Just like the Flex/CF Wizard in Flex builder you will be able create complete interfaces based on your data store.
  4. Rich DHTML and AJAX Controls. This is an entire (Yahoo UI based) library of cross-browser controls. The controls will be extensible and skinnable. What about Spry? A few examples of the controls include:
    • Grid
    • Tree
    • Dual Select Lists
    • Auto-Suggest
    • Calendars
    • Date Pickers
  5. New and Improved File I/O.
  6. Enhancements to <CFDOCUMENT>
  7. Enhancements to Reporting functionality. I find that the ability to use external Stylesheets one of the most exciting enhancements.
  8. Object Oriented CFC Interfaces
  9. Arugument Collections. I like this feature of being able to pass a structure as an argument to an attribute
  10. Implicit Array and Structure Creation. This is very similar to what you see in Actionscript code.
  11. Javascript Operators in <CFSCRIPT>


  1. .NET Integration. The CF’ers will be able to play well with the .NET’ers!
  2. New Microsoft Exchange tags.
  3. On-Demand Presentations. This feature ranks as number 2 (a very close second) of the most exciting features I am looking forward to.
  4. Communicate with Flash Media Server via Event Gateways. This is bi-directional push technology.
  5. PDF Manipulation. No big surprise here!

Improved Management and Administration

  1. User based Administration and RDS. It’s soooo about time!
  2. Server Monitoring. Uses a Flex 2 front-end. Hum … is this a case for Apollo? You can build your own Server Monitoring interface using the Server Monitoring API. OK This feature ranks as number 3 (a very close second) of the most exciting features I am looking forward to.
  3. Per Application Mapping. Nuf said.
  4. Added Platform Support. Vista!? Come on!
  5. It’s a blindingly fast … faster.

So when can you expect to get your hands on the public release of ColdFusion 8? It’s expected to be released by mid-2007. There are several User Groups around the world that will be talking more about ColdFusion 8. Take a look at the Adobe Events page to find out when they will be near you. I expect a great deal of information to be revealed at the upcoming CFUnited Conference. CFUnited is the premier ColdFusion conference held on the east coast and hosted by TeraTech, Inc. Last year Adobe announced the release of the much anticipated Flex 2 at CFUnited. I would be willing to bet that Adobe will announce the release of another aniticiapted product during this year’s CFUnited. It will be well worth your time and money to attend this event.