CFUnited 07 – ColdFusion 8: Flex 3 & Apollo (AIR) …

Posted: June 28, 2007 in Adobe, AIR, Apollo, ColdFusion, Flex

Hello World,

Here I am at what I like to call the “bleeding edge” session. This presentation may be the “blockbuster” session of the entire conference. It is …

ColdFusion 8: Flex 3 & Apollo (AIR) (The Future of Adobe Development)

with Matt Chotin

  • It started off a bit slow as he gave some background on Flex and AIR (it will always be Apollo to me).
  • Matt opened up the flor to questions very early on. He is a man of few slides.
  • The roadmap for “AIR Lite” (mobile) is still TBA. They first need to get the latest AVM down to a size that can be hosted on mobile devices.
  • There are plans to have PDF support in AIR.
  • Will we see PDF support in Flex? In the short term no … in the future … who knows!?
  • What is SQL Lite? It’s an open source database with a small footprint that is used by AIR to provide local database support.
  • The Flex teams expects to have the stand-alone Flex Builder 3 built upon Eclipse 3.3. By the way, Eclipse 3.3 should be released next week. (
  • Support for auto-run applications from CDs and/or thumb drives is on the Adobe roadmap but will not be present in version 1.o.
  • Flash Player 10!? We are still trying to convince our clients that Flash Player 9. It’s still a future vision.
  • Stop throwing the Yahoo/Google toolbar in with the Flash Player download! It’s only offered if you visit the Adobe site to download the player.
  • He showed a rather simple but cool AIR app built using Flex. You can find and download the app here (
  • You should be able to communicate with AIR applications using CF8 Event Gateways.
  • Can an AIR application be installed onto a Thumb Drive? Matt was unable to answer the question. Give me a few minutes and I’ll tell ya. I love a challenge.
  • Time passes when your having fun. The presentation was over before we knew it.



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