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For all you Flex coders that have been patiently waiting for a Flex 2 book (any Flex 2 book) can now breathe. Safari Books Online has released the Adobe Flex 2: Training from the Source, Rough Cuts, First edition by Jeff Tapper, Matt Boles, James Talbot, Ben Elmore, and Mike Labriola.

Here is the overview found on the Safari website:

Part of the Macromedia Training from the Source series, the official curriculum from Adobe, developed by experienced trainers. Using project-based tutorials, this volume is designed to teach the techniques needed to create sophisticated, professional-level projects. Each book includes the files used in the lessons, plus completed projects for comparison. This title covers the new development framework for Rich Internet Applications, Adobe Flex 2.0. In the course of the book, the reader will build several Web applications using Flex Builder and incorporating MXML and ActionScript 3.0.

So what are “Rough Cuts?” Rough Cuts is a service of the Safari Books Online site. It gives you early access to book content before it’s published. You’ll be able to read the evolving manuscript as it is being written.

According to the Barnes and Noble site the book will be available for bookstore purchase on October 31st. But why wait until then? You can go to the Safari website ( right now and read excerpts from the book. You also have the option purchasing online access to the book with unlimited viewing and PDF downloads of each revision.

Either way, I intend on buying the book from the bookstore. There’s something about having a paperback book in my hand to read while sitting on my balcony. 🙂


My new home!

Posted: September 28, 2006 in Uncategorized

I am the new home of “therush” blog. Here you will find instruction, tips, and advice. Keep your eye on this blog and maybe (hopfuly) you’ll learn a little something new.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other word would smell as sweet.”

– Shakespeare

Adobe has incorporated the their popular web conferencing and collaboration software, Breeze Meeting, into the Adobe Acrobat family of products. It is now known as Acrobat Connect and Acrobat Connect Professional. OK, let me be a bit more specific. Macromedia Breeze Meeting is now known as the Adobe Acrobat Connect software product line. The product line consists of Adobe Acrobat Connect and Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional. Along with the press release of Acrobat Connect came another press release about the Adobe Acobat 8 software. The two production line now allow for a degree of integration never seen before. I find this be be a natural evolution of the two product lines.

Although the “new” Adobe Connect product line has not been officially released you can view the demos [Adobe Connect] [Adobe Connect Professional ] on the Adobe web site .

Been wanting to get your head around Flex 2?

I must admit that Adobe and the supporting developer community have created a wealth of information, tutorials, and help on Flex 2. I am still waiting for the books to make their appearance at my local bookstores. A few companies in the area have started offering Flex 2 training in their classrooms. You know, sometimes there’s nothing like having a “live” instructor, who can immediately answer your questions.

Now TeraTech, Inc., the same company that hosts CFUnited, is offering classes in Flex 2. Their first course, Flex Introduction – Hand on, will be held on October 3rd 2006. This will be a full day course presenting topics such as;

  • Exploring the Flex Builder 2 Interface
  • Creating a Project
  • Anatomy of an Application
  • Visual Controls
  • Text Controls
  • Data Binding Expressions
  • Retrieving and Parsing XML Data
  • … and more

You can go to TeraTech’s training web site ( ) to see the full agenda and get more information. What’s the difference between their training and some of the others being offered at this time? PRICE! This hands-on class is being offered for only $349.00. You’ll get quality training, course materials, and plenty on Flex 2 examples on CD.

Check them out, register today, and learn to be a Flex 2 Developer!

CAPFUG Presentation Materials

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First I would like to thank the guys at AboutWeb for inviting me to come speak at their user group meeting. I had a wonderful time and I hope that those who attended went away learning at least one thing from my presentation.

So … here are the presentation materials:

[download ] Flex and Flash: Are Two Heads Better Than One? PowerPoint Slides

[preview ] [download ]Flex and Flash Example using LocalConnection: Resort Tracker 2000

[preview ] [download ] Flex and Flash Example using External Interface: African Countries Guide

Enjoy … and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.