CFUnited 07 – Advanced Styling and Skinning in Flex 2

Posted: June 28, 2007 in Adobe, CFUnited, Flex

Hello World,

Now this is the really fun session, full of bells and whistles. Welcome to …

Advanced Styling and Skinning in Flex 2
with Rob Rusher

  • This was the first session I’ve attended that gave away products – swag rules!
  • Flex 3 has several ways to apply styles, including inline, local, external, AS3, and Themes.
  • It was unfortunate that the slides were very blurry. This was not the fault of the presenter but the projector being used in that ballroom.
  • Adobe is planning to have one or more of the Flex Explorers built into Flex Builder 3.
  • You can skinany of the Flex components using graphics (jpg, gif, swf, etc) or using Actionscript 3.
  • This presentation will be available at and click on Presentations.
  • You can embed fonts by specifying the unicodeRange of using FlashType
  • A few more examples later and the presentation was over. He gave away three boxer shorts and a training class at their office in Colorado (ski country).

On to my last session for the day



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