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Hello World,

My choice of browsers has always been Firefox. However as a web developer my clients expect me to deliver solutions that work in the current popular browsers – that includes Firefox and IE. Well, last night I decided to upgrade my “old” IE7 to the latest version – IE8. I did so not expecting what I found next.

Firebug has always been my developer tool of choice but it was only available for Firefox and not IE. Ok, I know what you’re thinking. Firebug Lite has been available for IE for sometime now. However I found that the differences between Firebug (the Firefox extension) and Firebug Lite (a Javascript add-in) are almost like night and day. In addition to that, in order to use Firebug Lite you need to insert a reference to a JavaScript file in your code. Now, with the release of IE8, I can finally see the light of day. IE8 includes a tool called Developer Tools. This is actually an improved and integrated version of the Developer’s Toolkit available as a IE add-on. All of the tools I have become accustomed to in Firebug are now available to me in IE8 – out of the box! Some of the Developer Tools include:

  • Debugging HTML and CSS
  • Debugging JavaScript
  • Profiling
  • Element Outlining
  • Controlling Cache and Cookies
  • Testing in Different Document Modes
  • Testing in Different Resolutions
  • and many more!

If you haven’t upgraded to IE8, visit this Microsoft site and take a look at some of it’s features. I think you’ll be impressed! In case you are not familiar with Firebug visit this site – you won’t be sorry.

“Let’s keep making this world a little better one app at a time”



Hello World,

A few weeks ago Adobe released Flash Builder 4 (beta) into Adobe Labs. No, this is not a new version of the Flash Professional IDE. This is the newest version of Flex Builder which, has been re-branded to Flash Builder. This is the same IDE that enables developers to very rapidly build Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) using the Flex framework. This is the same Eclipse-based development tool you’ve come to know and love – but with a several new features.

The name isn’t the only thing Adobe changed. This version also includes many new features that focus on design, data, productivity, and testing. These new “feature themes” include:

  • The designer and developer workflow – tight integration between Adobe Flash Professional and Adobe Flash Catalyst
  • Data-centric development – easily connect and bind to server-based data and service models.
  • IDE productivity and testing – getter and setting generation, conditional breakpoints in the debugger, Flex Unit support, and many more!

In my next series of articles I will introduce you to many of Flash Builder’s new features. Each article will focus on one features set and provide screen shots, code examples, and additional resources. In the meantime, check out these Adobe resources:

Download Adobe Flash Builder 4 beta

Adobe Labs – Tutorial and Demonstration Videos

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What’s new in the Flex 4 SDK beta?

Differences between Flex 3 SDK and Flex 4 SDK beta