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Theo Rushin Profile PhotoI am currently a Senior Applications Developer and Instructor of technologies such as; Corona SDK, Javascript, HTML 5, CSS3, and SQL. I have been designing and developing applications (client-server and web-based) and teaching since 1985!

Who Am I?

“I’m an artist, writer, and director. The web is my canvas, the technologies I use are my tools, and the applications I create are my works of art. I’m doing what I love and love what I ‘m doing. Thank you God!”

You can read more about who I am and where I’ve been by going to this post (click here)

Theo E Rushin Jr

  1. zeus says:

    oh web sensei!

    How fast do I have to be to get that pebble from your palm?

  2. Anthony W says:


    I have come across your information on the flexcoders.net international registry. I would be interested in talking to you about an excellent Flex Developer position I have available in Manhattan, NY. The company I am working with is a leader in broadband technologies including advertising, podcasts and rss feeds.

    Even if you yourself are not interested in a position in Manhattan I would still like to talk to you about your career professionally and where you see yourself in the future. Please forward your resume to my email at aw@sap8.com (your resume is kept confidential) and give me a call at 646 285 0500 x212.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon,

    Anthony W
    646 285 0500 x212
    (P.S. Just so you don’t think I am some lame recruiter you can check my personal site at http://www.anthonyw.net, I love CSS and working with Web technologies. I also enjoy getting the best talent the beset opportunities out there. I am also on CFlex.net as AnthonyW)

  3. Hi Theo –

    I need a Flash, Flex, Apollo designer for my client in Sterling, VA – short-term initially. Call me at 703.451.6372 if interested or if you have any colleagues that might be interested.


  4. John Ramon says:

    Hey Theo you posted in the Flex cookbook on binding data from combobox to a datagrid but the files are removed from you server. Any chance of reposting them?

  5. therush says:

    I’m sorry you had trouble accessing this post. For some reason I had it marked as Private. So I marked the post as Public and now it is available for you and everyone else to access.

    Thanks for your interest.

  6. The Fact says:

    Is there anything you don’t know how to do? lol No offense, you’re a really smart guy and i appreciate these kind of people, wishing only the best for you. Back in the day i worked with flash.. oh the times, i can’t even remember the exact year, i just know that when i started, the first version was just gotten out of its box. Good luck with your works! Will be coming to read, keep up.

  7. jadd says:

    just come across your blog and I like the wordpress theme you’re using, it’s a free one or …

  8. p davis says:

    Theo, I was at flexcamp and am looking for your presentation and if you want to speak next Monday at our user group meeting send me an email. Thanks.

  9. therush says:

    Hi p, You can find the presentation materials under the Presentation section of this site. Look on the upper right-hand side of this page. Click on My Presentations. Scroll down the page until you find the Flex Camp presentation section.

    Let me know if you have more questions.

    I am speaking at the New York Flex user group this Thursday (2/21/2008). Next Monday may be a bit too soon. I would be happy to speak at your March meeting if you’ll have me. Anything in particular your members wish to hear?

  10. Steve says:

    heya Theo…really meant to get this followup back to you earlier…I sat in on your Day 3 Custom Events session. Hands down the most productive 2 hours i experienced at Maniacs. In fact, so productive that I decided to play tourist the rest of the day – i was scheduled to start a meandering drive back to Wisconsin and I figured I’d better meander around downtown DC while I had the chance. So I took off on foot and more or less zigzagged my way in the general direction of the Mall. I’d gotten to a couple blocks from the White House when I bumped into, none other than Eugene Robinson – go figure.

    Thankx for the great preso…and the invitation to followup – i hope to take you up on that as i dig thru your code.


  11. Tony says:

    What ever happened to part 2 of Flex + CF Report ?

  12. George Murphy says:

    Hi Theo, I wanted to share this with you. The last time we talked I was telling you about this code which allowed you to change the screen resolution on your monitor to allow users and developers to test their applications at different screen resolutions. Well here is the link where you get that code.

    Have a great holiday and let’s get together for some skiing.


  14. therush says:

    Hi, I’m glad I brightened your day and made you laugh. I’d like to make a small correction though … it’s “HE’S AN ARTIST ON THE WEB”. Oh well, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” 🙂

  15. Michael Perlstein says:


    It’s Perlstein over at AboutWeb. Please call me when you have an opportunity. 301-468-9246 x154


  16. Denise Shoemaker says:


    I have a run into a bit of a code issue and I am hoping that you can help me fix it. Shoot me an email at dshoemaker@payrollnetwork.com. Thanks.

  17. Carrie Amy says:

    Hey Theo,

    I attended your presentation last night at the NY Flex user group. I was the one that knew cmd+shift+t 😉 I had to run after the meeting but wanted to thank you for a really great intro into Flex 4 Skinning. I look forward to seeing and playing with the code samples. As a former Flex instructor, I found your style and delivery to be very engaging and easy to follow. I’ll definitely add your blog to my rss reader to keep up with your work.

  18. baidu123 says:

    Greetings, I love your article. This is a nice site and I wanted to post a note to let you know, good job! Thanks kim

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