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ColdFusion 8 Launch!?

Posted: July 11, 2007 in Adobe, ColdFusion

Hello World,

Can it be? Is this for real? Is ColdFusion really launching at the end of this month?!

I just received an email from Carahsoft about a ColdFusion 8 Launch event that will be happening on July 31st. Many of the Adobe ColdFusion evangelists will be there too. You should be able to register for this free event by going here.

Ahh, it only seemed like yesterday that I downloaded my copy of ColdFusion 8. He was know as Scorpio back then. They grow up quickly, don’t they?



Hello World,

This topic may be a little off topic but I felt it worth mentioning. This story is one for the Myth Busters!

This morning I though I would install one of my older educational computer games for my nephew to play when returns home. I dusted off the CD and placed it into the CD/DVD drive. After closing the drive door I listened to the familiar disk “whirl” and waited for the install dialog box to appear. About 5 seconds later I heard a sound that was both sudden and frightening. It came from the CD drive. I though my PC was dead until I opened the CD drive and found the pieces of what used to be My Dad and Me by the Berienstain Bears – a computer story book.


I couldn’t believe it. Did I insert it incorrectly? Was the CD warped? Was my PC expressing its opinion about the book (I saw the Transformers movie just two days before)? It wasn’t until I later relayed my experience to a co-worker that I discovered that some older CDs may not be able to withstand the speed and heat of today’s PCs.

So if you need an excuse for work not done on time tell them, “My PC ate my CD”, and then point them to this posting. Of course if they ask, “why didn’t you make a backup?” then you’re on your own.