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Hello World,

Here I am at what I like to call the “bleeding edge” session. This presentation may be the “blockbuster” session of the entire conference. It is …

ColdFusion 8: Flex 3 & Apollo (AIR) (The Future of Adobe Development)

with Matt Chotin

  • It started off a bit slow as he gave some background on Flex and AIR (it will always be Apollo to me).
  • Matt opened up the flor to questions very early on. He is a man of few slides.
  • The roadmap for “AIR Lite” (mobile) is still TBA. They first need to get the latest AVM down to a size that can be hosted on mobile devices.
  • There are plans to have PDF support in AIR.
  • Will we see PDF support in Flex? In the short term no … in the future … who knows!?
  • What is SQL Lite? It’s an open source database with a small footprint that is used by AIR to provide local database support.
  • The Flex teams expects to have the stand-alone Flex Builder 3 built upon Eclipse 3.3. By the way, Eclipse 3.3 should be released next week. (
  • Support for auto-run applications from CDs and/or thumb drives is on the Adobe roadmap but will not be present in version 1.o.
  • Flash Player 10!? We are still trying to convince our clients that Flash Player 9. It’s still a future vision.
  • Stop throwing the Yahoo/Google toolbar in with the Flash Player download! It’s only offered if you visit the Adobe site to download the player.
  • He showed a rather simple but cool AIR app built using Flex. You can find and download the app here (
  • You should be able to communicate with AIR applications using CF8 Event Gateways.
  • Can an AIR application be installed onto a Thumb Drive? Matt was unable to answer the question. Give me a few minutes and I’ll tell ya. I love a challenge.
  • Time passes when your having fun. The presentation was over before we knew it.




AIR … is in the air

Posted: June 11, 2007 in Adobe, AIR, Apollo

Hello World,

Well, it looks like we have a name for the Adobe runtime code named Apollo, it’s AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime). This announcement not only presents a new name but also a new release with several new features:

  • A new embedded database based on SQLLite
  • Improved Drag and Drop capabilities
  • Improved HTML/Javascript capabilities including;
    • Transparent HTML application support
  • Improved Windowing API
  • Native File Pickers / Browsers
  • Server / Service Connectivity API
  • Native Menuing API
  • Clipboard Support
  • File type/extension registration

You can find more information about this new release and download it by going here:

They have also announced a new Developer Derby for Apollo … er I mean AIR deployed applications. You can get more information about that here:

And finally you can be a part of the AIR tour by joining Adobe at a city near you:

So get your FREE copy of AIR, build a killer AIR app, and get on the Bus and join the AIR tour!


Hello World, Logo opened their doors this past weekend (Saturday March 31st) bringing to our community of developers a valued resource. As you may have guessed, it is a site devoted to bringing together Apollo developers and giving them the resources they need to build Apollo applications.

The site includes a Forum, Tutorials, Book references, Blog listing, Events, and more. Believe it or not it even has a section for Apollo jobs. Check it out! They even give you a FREE POP Email account (mine is and FTP account, allowing you to upload Apollo related documentation and tutorials.

One more reason why you should join ApolloApps … soon your membership will give you access to their Flash Media Server for use with your Apollo applications. Click on the image above (or go to and see what I’m talking about.


March 29th User Group Presentation

Posted: March 28, 2007 in Apollo, Flash

Hello World,

Technical difficulties (loss of power) caused a rescheduling of this presentation. I apologize to the Nashville User Group member for any inconvenience. We will let you know when this presentation has been rescheduled.

I will be giving a presentation for the Nashville ColdFusion User Group members on Thursday March 29th, 2007. Although I would love to visit Nashville, I will not be presenting in person. I will be connecting with and presenting using Acrobat Connect.

In this meeting I will be presenting a case study of a Flex 2 application I developed for a company in Maryland. I will be talking about the following topics;

  • Lifecycle process of the project
  • Application and Database architecture
  • Select code snippets
  • An Apollo-based application widget

So if you’re in the Nashville area on March 29th stop by the Nashville ColdFusion User Group meeting and catch my presentation. You can get more information about the user group and their meetings by going here: Nashville ColdFusion User Group.


Hello World,

Apollo Screen

I woke up this morning checking the Adobe Labs as I have been for the past few days. This morning I was presented with a pleasant surprise. The public alpha of Apollo was available. Immediately I dropped everything I was doing and proceeded to download the SDK, runtime, documentation, and the samples. You can also see some great examples of Apollo applications here.

Go get your download and see what everyone is talking about. And don’t forget the download your FREE Apollo Pocket Guide here.


Hello World,

Could it be just rumor or insider fact? Either way I’m marking March 16th as D-Day (delivery day). Take a look at what PC World has to say:


Signs of Apollo …

Posted: March 4, 2007 in Apollo

Hello World,

Well, the signs are everywhere. Apollo is Near! For months we have been reading the blogs, viewing the video demos, and listening to the presentations … holding our breaths. Well here’s another sign of the coming of Apollo. O’Reilly has released a preview of the “Apollo for Adobe Flex Developer’s Pocket Guide” book. Go here ( Apollo for Adobe Flex Developers Pocket Guide) and you can browse the book and see a preview of the Table of Contents, the Index, and a Sample Chapter (Using the File System API). Accoring to O’Reily, the book is set to be released … well now. I’ve waited this long, I can wait a little longer. The book is even available for pre-order from the Amazon site (

Apollo book

The was written by Mike Chambers, Rob Dixon, and Jeff Swartz. Mike Chambers has been our Apollo “town crier” for some time now. You can stay up-to-date with Apollo’s developments from his blog (

Now this book is for the Alpha release of Apollo and thus may be lacking many of the features we hope to see in the finally release. However, by taking a look at the sample chapter you can see how simple it is to incorporate cross-platform, file system functionality into your Flex application. I already have at least one Flex app slated for an “Apollo conversion”.

So when is the book and the alpha version of Apollo due out? Soon . . . very soon.

"The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time."

Abraham Lincoln

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