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Hello World,

I am back from my self-imposed sabbatical from the blogosphere. During that sabbatical I have spent (and continue to spend) a lot of time designing with, developing on, and exploring brave new technologies. During this time there have been major changes in my development career:

Windows to Mac

I have crossed over to the LIGHT. I am now a committed Apple user and developer. This happened as a result of my current project with my current client. I entered the project group as a Windows user and developer surrounded by Mac users and developers. One day my client surprised me by buying me my own MacBook Pro. Since then I never looked back.


My current client had no use for ColdFusion. The other developers on our team started using Erlang (and now Node.js) and so ColdFusion was dropped from my development toolkit. I now embrace PHP and Node.js.


I was called to join the team because of my Flash/Flex skills and game development experience. We explored and developed several prototypes using the Flex platform using external libraries such as Away3D but found them unable to scale to the type and size of our project efforts. Because our requirements include the need for cross-platform, mobile apps we are now working with Javascript-based platforms and libraries. I am now able to leverage my longtime web design and development skills to produce web and mobile applications across many platforms using technologies such as: Javascript (jQuery, jQuery Mobile, jqMobi, PhoneGap, Sprite3D, Knockout, and more), CSS3, and HTML 5.

So although I’ve been absent from my blog for over 3 years it’s been a very busy 3 years full of learning, growing, designing, developing, Hacking (I won prizes in 3 Hackathons – World Grand Prize in one), and teaching. And it’s only just begun!!

Stay tuned to this blog as I continue to bring you The World Wide Web According To …


  1. And… who are you? Seriously. I hit your About Me page and your name isn’t there. I thought I might be crazy but I can’t seem to find anywhere that says, “This is the blog of …”. You may want to add that.

  2. therush says:

    Hey Ray! It’s me! Theo Rushin Jr. I know who you are … The Famous Ray Camden! I am in the process of updating my entire blog. I’ll get to the About Me later this week. Thanks! And talk with you soon.

  3. Glad to hear it. Not to pick on you, but I see this on many blogs (lack of ID), so it is something I try to point out where I can. As long as I’m being a jerk (grin), on this page, I see:

    “Leave a Reply to therush”

    and therush is white. It is -very- hard to see against the page background.

  4. therush says:

    No problem Ray. And thanks for pointing it out. Hope to see you soon.

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