Top Ten Reasons to Attend WebManiacs!

Posted: May 14, 2008 in Adobe, AIR, ColdFusion, Flex, Presentations


Have you registered to attend the WebManicas Conference coming to Washington, DC May 19th – 23rd? Why Not? Well maybe this will help you …

My Top Ten Reasons To Attend WebManiacs!

#10 – Over 100 separate topics covering ColdFusion, Flex, AIR, various frameworks, and other technologies.

#9 – A Ben Forta keynote on day one.

#8 – Several two hour hands-on sessions held in their computer lab.

#7 – My kids took all of tee shirts I got from the last conference I attended.

#6 – Very close to public transportation, many restaurants, and our nation’s capital.

#5 – My presentation titled; Consuming and Creating RSS Feeds (CFManiacs Track)

#4 – My presentation titled; Tweens, Behaviors, View States, and Transitions (FlexManiacs Track)

#3 – My presentation titled; Using Custom Events (FlexManiacs Track)

#2 – A “boat load” of presentation materials and source code that can help jump-start your development efforts.

And The Number 1 Reason to Attend WebManiacs!

#1 – Surround Yourself With Dozens Of Colleagues And Industry Experts Who Love To Talk About Battlestar Galactica And LOST As Much As You Do!!

See ya at the conference … then I’ll see ya at the pub.



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