What’s in a CodeName? Flex 4 (Gumbo)

Posted: March 27, 2008 in Adobe, Flex


I love watching James Bond movies, especially the older ones. Bond is always equipped with  the latest in high-tech technology thanks to the efforts of MI6’s super geek, Q. As a fellow geek I loved it when Q would use “techno speak” to describe the various gadgets he has in store for Bond. So when Adobe announces another version of software or technology using some seemly meaningless codename, I muse over those days of “cloak and dagger”.

So what’s the word for today? …


This is the codename for Adobe’s next version of Flex. It seemed like Adobe just released Flex 3 … oh yeah, they did. Unlike Apollo (AIR 1.0), I don’t think that we will become so attached to Gumbo that we will start start creating web sites using that code name. Wait, let me go see if the domain is still available …. (2 minutes later) Darn! All gone.

So does this codename in any way reflect what we can expect to see in Flex 4? Well, what is a Gumbo?

Gumbo is a  soup that originated in Louisiana. It’s kinda a like a pot-luck soup containing a diverse choice of ingredients.

I love seafood gumbo – when it’s made properly. So can we expect to see a diverse choice of features added to the next release of Flex 4? Sorry, I don’t have the answer to this but we all can participate in its development.

If you haven’t already, join the Adobe Community and visit the Adobe Open Source Site to keep track of what’s going on and possible contribute. Ever since Adobe released Flex as Open Source, the direction and development of Flex has been in our hands. So we can either make this next version even better than the last OR we can end up with a “bad tasting gumbo”.

If you are interested, there is an interesting site that has documented the many codenames for Macromedia/Adobe products/technologies. You can find it here.

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