My Entry in the Adobe AIR Marketplace!

Posted: March 21, 2008 in Adobe, AIR


My Flex/AIR application has finally made it into the Adobe AIR Marketplace listing. The app I created, originally for my FiftyTwoApps site, is called TurnAbout. You can view and download this app by going to the following url;

The app uses the Connection Manager and Update Manager library from the EverythingFlex site. Thanks Rich! That library saved me loads of development time. This means that as I make updates to the app (such as more levels), the app will prompt the user to get the newest version.

I really would like to thank Shikha for Adobe for helping me get through a few of the issues that was prevent this app from being listed. Adobe has some of the friendliest people in the industry working for and with them.

Download the app, Install it, and challenge yourself!

Thanks! Ciao.

  1. Rich Tretola says:

    Very nice work! Thanks for the acknowledgment on the managers.

  2. Badu says:

    Good job and welcome to the club! I see that you didn’t manage to add icons, just like my first release of Lines. If you need help with this icon problem, please let me know.

  3. therush says:

    Hey Badu,

    Thanks! Good to be here. I will include an application icon in my next update of the application. My next game will certainly have an application icon.

    Hey Rich,

    NP. They deserve it. Thanks again.

  4. موقع says:

    entirely safe and fun Very helpful!

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