An Introduction to Flex 3 – Full Day Class

Posted: March 19, 2008 in AIR, Flex


Are you interested in learning Adobe Flex 3? Are you ready to jump start your career by becoming a Flex 3 developer?

On April 1st I will be teaching a full day, hands-on Adobe Flex 3 class. In this class I will teach you many of the fundamentals of creating Rich Internet aApplications using Adobe Flex 3. I even included a section on taking your Flex application to the desktop using AIR. Here is my agenda for the day;


I. An Introduction to Flex 3
        The Evolution of Applications
        What is Adobe Flex 3?
        The Flex Application Flow
II. Using Flex Builder 3
        Exploring the Flex Builder 3 Interface
        Creating a Project
        Anatomy of an Application
        Creating Your First Application
        Lab 1: Hello Flex
III. Flex 3 Fundamentals
        Visual Controls
        Text Controls
        Presenting Images
        Form controls
        Data Binding Expressions
        Lab 2: What's My Name?
IV. Flex 3 Layout and Navigation
        Using Containers
        Using Navigation Controls
        Nesting Containers
        Using Navigation Controls with Containers
        Understanding Constraint-based Layout
        Lab 3: Contact Manager layout
V. Understanding Flex 3 States and Transitions
        Understanding View States
        Controlling View States
        Understanding Transitions
        Lab 4: Sliding Doors
VI. Working With XML Data
        Retrieving and Parsing XML Data
        Handling XML Results
        Handling Errors
        Lab 5: My RSS Reader
VII. Using the DataGrid Control
        Using a DataGrid Control
        Specifying DataGrid Columns
        Formatting DataGrid Columns
        Using Item Renders and Item Editors
        Lab 6: Marching in Rows and Columns
VIII. Customizing the Application
        Using Cascading Styles
        Using the Flex Builder 3 Style Editor
        Applying Skins
        Lab 7: Putting it all Together
VIII. Taking it to the Desktop
        What is Adobe AIR?
        Deploying a Flex 3 Application as an AIR Application
        Lab 8: Living Outside the Browser

The class is being held at the TeraTech training facility in Rockville, MD. In order to get more information and register for this class go to the following URL;

This class promises to be very informative and interactive. See you then!



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