The Wait Is Finaly Over!

Posted: February 25, 2008 in Adobe, AIR, Flex
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Hello World,

I popped out of bed this morning expecting great things. I walked briskly to my PC to check the MXNA for the news I (and thousand others) have been waiting for. Flex version 3 and AIR version 1 Have Been Released! Check out the Adobe site Now!

I know that for many of us the news may not be as momentous as I make it to be. We have been working with the beta products. We have built many applications using the beta versions and many have developed and released into production applications using the beta release. But the commercial release of the “famed” products means that the door is now officially open, the welcome mat has been laid, the neon sign has been placed on the wall.

Also released today are new versions of the Adobe AIR Badge (released as beta quality) and the Spry Ajax Framework (version 1.6.1). Both have been updated to take advantage of the release of Adobe Flex 3 and Adobe AIR 1. Check out each of the pages to download and discover what updates have been made.

I believe that these releases mark a major milestone for Adobe and the entire RIA community.

Ciao –


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