Adobe RIA Pre-Release Tour – DC Location

Posted: January 21, 2008 in Adobe, AIR, Flex

Hello World,

This morning I attended the Adobe RIA Pre-Release Tour at the DC location. This event was hosted by Fig Leaf Software (the producer of the WebManiacs conference coming this May). and sponsored by AboutWeb and Carahsoft. After Steve Drucker gave us a “warm” introduction and thanked us for coming on the coldest day of the year, Adobe Product Marketing Manager Dave Gruber was our first host for the event.

Here are some of the highlights from Dave Gruber’s presentation (9:00a);

  • Servers/Services included Scene 7, Flash Cast, ColdFusion, and LiveCycle.
  • Adobe Technologies have reached over 700 million OCs and over 200 million devices. Can you say s-a-t-u-r-a-t-i-o-n?
  • Thermo is a new tool that will allow designers to bring together thier assets using one tool and produce output that the developer can use to further build the app.
  • The Harley Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories Customizer was one the the more impressive sites that showcase the use of Flex. (see
  • Adobe Flex Builder 3 pricing/upgrade; Standard – $249/$99, Professional – $649/$299.
  • The professional edition includes; Memory and performance profilers, Charting components, Advanced datagrid, Automated testing.
  • Flex 3 IS open source and is available under MPL. (see
  • BlazeDS, Flex remoting and messeging, IS open source and is available under LGPG v3 (see
  • Flex Builder 3 Enhancements/Additions: Enhanced Constrints, Advances DataGrid, CSS Editor, Charting Enhancements, Advanced Data Visualization, Web Services Introspection, added Data Wizards for ASP.NET, Java and PHP, and much more.
  • Every wonder why move back to the desktop? Total control of the user experience, desktop consistency, Rich media support, Network resilience, desktop access to services.
  • A question was asked about the size of Adobe AIR. Here is a quote from an Adobe FAQ; “The current size for Adobe AIR is just over 10 megabytes. It is important to note that the runtime only needs to be downloaded once.”
  • They committed to release early 2008. (before your Flex 3 beta expires!)
  • A question was asked; “Could I associate a file my AIR app created with my AIR app?” The answer is yes. (here is an example –
  • There were a lot of questions about Security with a Flex 3/AIR application. Tim found an URL for a security white paper. (see and
  • There are some limitations for AIR version 1.0; No USB API, no access to native libraries or executables, limited printing support, limited localization.

Here are some of the highlights from Tim Buntels‘s presentation (12:05p);

It was a wonderful morning meeting old and new friends and listening to Dave and Tim talk about Flex and AIR. The end of the meeting was punctuated with prize giveaways, copies of Adobe Flex, an iPod nano, and several Adobe bags. Of course if you didn’t win a prize, there was always the free pens and markers at the sponsor desks.


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