Week 1 app, the FlexTimer, is in the can!

Posted: January 8, 2008 in Adobe, AIR, Flex

Hello World,

It’s been a very busy week (and two days) however 14 hours and 39 minutes (total spent on app) I have finally released the app. You can find more information on the app including the ability to download the AIR file and source on the FiftyTwoApps.net site.

Lessons Learned:

It was definitely a learning experience for me to complete an app in a week (actually one week and two days). I found that with proper time allocation and management I could have completed the app sooner (it’s a miracle I was able to find any time with a family of six).

I need to learn more about packaging and delivery an AIR app. I really would have loved to use the web browser deployment method but I simply didn’t have time to learn it. Next time.

I also need to learn more about creating native operating system menus. If I’m going to create more AIR apps I need to learn how to create native and window menus. The Flex-based menus just don’t cut it for true Desktop apps.

I’ve been able to stick with my promise to use only Adobe tools in the creation of this app. I used Fireworks 8 for the images, Flex Builder Beta 3 for the app development, Dreamweaver 8 to update the web site. The Flex Builder Beta 3 install had all the AIR classes I needed to create an AIR application.

Classes and Functionalities Used:

Of course this being a timer applicatio, the app focuses heavily on the use of the Timer class.

Since the timer event data is being saved to a SQLite database I decided to use my fxaData library to make it easy to interact with the database. I gave a presentation in December where I introduced am Alpha version of the library. Since then I have updated portions of the library for the Beta 3 version of Flex and produced a SWC. That SWC is being used in the app. Soon after Flex 3 is released I will release the full library, its source, and documentation.

Up Next!

The next app should be somewhat easier and that should allow me to complete it on time (Sunday at midnight). The app for Week 2 is going to be a ColdFusion/Spry app, RSS Creator. It’s going to be a browser-based app that would allow the user to create an RSS file based on the data in their database. This has been done so many times before but what will make this app somewhat unique is that ability to inspect the database, select and merge column information, and filter data – on the fly. You’ll even be able to schedule the RSS creation task to execute at a specified date/time interval.

So keep your eye on the FiftyTwo Apps web site and this blog to get the latest information on my virtual journey.



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