FiftyTwo Apps is a Go!

Posted: December 30, 2007 in Adobe, AIR, ColdFusion, Flash, Flex, SQL

Hello World,

Ever year so many people make New Year’s resolutions. Well I am no exception. This year I have dedicated myself to create fifty two apps. And thus was born the FiftyTwoApps web site.

For the next fifty two weeks I will create fifty two apps – from conception to completion, from design to delivery. You will be able to follow my progress as I design, develop, document, test, and deliver each app to … well, all of you. I will make available the full source of each app, a summary of each of the development tasks, time spent on each task, resources used, and lessons learned. Every Monday I will begin work on a new app and one week later, by Sunday at midnight, I will upload the completed app onto the FiftyTwoApps web site. During the week I will publish my progress on the site so you can see where I am in the process.

So visit the site often – if you wish. Starting Monday December 31st I will begin the first of the fifty two apps,
the FlexTimer. I hope to see you there. The next fifty two weeks will be a wild ride.


  1. Dan Vega says:

    Sounds like a great idea! I am excited to see what comes of it. Thanks!

  2. Scott P says:

    Awesome. That is an ambitious goal and I wish you the best in your adventure.

  3. Jeff Price says:

    LOL! Next year I just hope to have 52 posts to my blog! So, what is the Vegas line on getting all 52 done?

  4. Lordy says:

    Friggin hell! I have trouble making one app, let alone 52! good luck!

  5. Adrian Lynch says:

    Are you working a 9-5 as well?!

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with…

  6. Ben Nadel says:

    This might be the most bad-ass new year’s resolutions ever attempted! If it’s not completely inappropriate to bring this up, I immediately thought of the copy store clerk from the movie, Jerry Maguire, when he says:

    “That’s how you become great, man. Hang your b@ll$ out there!”

    Looking forward to seeing it all šŸ™‚

  7. therush says:

    Hey, thanks all! I think this will be a lot of fun and very educational for me and I hope for all of those who follow along.

    Actually I have a 8:30 – 7:00. So I will be doing most of this work in the evening and on the weekends (when I’m not snowboarding or playing paintball).

    Vegas line … “Just Do It!” or as one excellent filmmaker says, “If you don’t do it this year, you’ll be one year older when you do” – Warren Miller.

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