CFUnited 07 – ColdFusion 8: Going Beyond Paper with PDF …

Posted: June 27, 2007 in Adobe, CFUnited, ColdFusion

Hello World,

Well, this is the first of many sessions at Day One of CFUnited 07. I will do my best to give you a few of the highlights of the sessions that I am attending throughout the conference. So … Let’s go to the show!

Adobe ColdFusion 8

Going Beyond Paper with PDF Forms and Documents

Speaker: Dean Harmon –

Although <cfdocument> existed in CF, it has been greatly enhanced in CF8 such as;

  • Dynamic headers and footers
  • Embed existing PDF forms

He showed us an example of a pre-populated PDFForm (containing a Submit button).

LiveCycle Forms Server is required for more advanced PDF forms creation and manipulation.

The <cfpdf> tags give us a lot of very powerful PDF manipulation features, such as adding watermarks and merging.

He showed us an example of creating PDF thumbnails. It took about 58 seconds to process. This is clearly not something you would want to perform with every request.

The <cfprint> tag allows you to do server-side printing. It only allows you to print PDFs.

The URL to the DDX documentation can be found here: (under the Develop tab).

The session ended a bit early which allows me to catch up on email. Fortunatly the next seesion I am to attend is in the same room. See ya in 30.


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