AIR … is in the air

Posted: June 11, 2007 in Adobe, AIR, Apollo

Hello World,

Well, it looks like we have a name for the Adobe runtime code named Apollo, it’s AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime). This announcement not only presents a new name but also a new release with several new features:

  • A new embedded database based on SQLLite
  • Improved Drag and Drop capabilities
  • Improved HTML/Javascript capabilities including;
    • Transparent HTML application support
  • Improved Windowing API
  • Native File Pickers / Browsers
  • Server / Service Connectivity API
  • Native Menuing API
  • Clipboard Support
  • File type/extension registration

You can find more information about this new release and download it by going here:

They have also announced a new Developer Derby for Apollo … er I mean AIR deployed applications. You can get more information about that here:

And finally you can be a part of the AIR tour by joining Adobe at a city near you:

So get your FREE copy of AIR, build a killer AIR app, and get on the Bus and join the AIR tour!



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