“The highly anticipated upcoming release of the 8th version of ColdFusion”

Posted: May 16, 2007 in Adobe, ColdFusion

Hello World,

The title of this post is a quote from Tim Buntel, made at the UseAdobe User Group earlier tonight. It was a rather funny response to the fact that Scorpio is an internal beta name and ColdFusion 8 has not yet been released. So what do you call it?

Another successful stop of the What’s New in ColdFusion “Scorpio” Tour just wrapped up at the Adobe User Group hosted by Fig Leaf Software in Washington DC. The house was full and there were a lot of excited people in attendance.

I arrived just in time to get the last t-shirt waiting in the lobby. It was a white t-shirt with the Scorpio logo on the front. I found my seat towards the front of the room and looked around to see many familiar faces. At times it almost feels like a reunion of sorts. You see those you met at other meetings and you talk about what’s been going on since ” the last time”. As I looked to the front I was suprised to see none other than Tim Buntel in the presenters area. I though to myself, “where’s Ben” but soon decided that having Tim present was more than an acceptable substitute. We were later told that Ben was on his way, somewhere between PA and DC.

The presentation began with the usual disclaimer. It went in one ear and out the other as I waited patiently for Tim to get to the “meat and potatoes”. He ran through the usual slides. I say that because I’ve seen this presentation done earlier in an online presentation format. However there’s nothing quite like seeing it done live. He went into depth about a lot of really exiting new features of the product. In fact I haven’t been so excited about this new release since … well since I started using ColdFusion (version 4). Here are a few of my thoughts on some of the more exciting features:

“The Rich Text Editor uses the FCK Editor and it is completely extensible!”

“CFWindows are sooo cool. You can create multiple, draggable DHTML based windows containing …. whatever!”

“The CFAjaxProxy is got to be the easiest ColdFusion/Ajax implementation. It will support the sending and receiving of all the ColdFusion/Javascript data types! Good bye CFCAjax!”

“I can dynamically build Adobe Connect like presentations that communicate with the server at runtime! Online education has never been so cool!”

8:05pm … Ben Forta arrives … now the fun begins.

Tim and Ben, and let’s not forget Adam Lehman on demos, tag-teamed during the remainder of the presentation. It was like magic, only this was for real.

The meeting came to an end to quickly, prizes were awarded, and mugs were given out. People wandered up to the front to ask questions and say their good-byes. It was hard for me to leave as I stood by listening to the various conversations going on but at the same time I wanted to get back home as quickly as I can and explore some of those features talked about in the presentation.

Until next time (CFUnited, Adobe Max, etc) save some pizza for me.



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