You can get something for FREE

Posted: May 8, 2007 in Uncategorized

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No, this is NOT an advertisement. I just found something really interesting today that I though I would share with you.

I needed to purchase a copy of WinZip 11 to use in my office since my trial version expired. I went over to the WinZip site and saw a payment method that is not at all unique. It advertised that if you buy something from one of their partners then you will get a copy of WinZip 11 for FREE. As always I was very skeptical about the offer. Most of these kind of offers require you to participate and buy from multiple partner sites and you wouldn’t get your free product for weeks to months later.

Well I decided to check it out -Why? Mother’s Day is soon approaching and I was looking for a gift to buy for my Mother. Low and behold, I saw FTD as one of the partner selections. Even better it stated that I will receive my product, WinZip 11 , immediately after making my purchase. So I proceeded to buy a nice flower arrangement to be delivered to my Mother. Within seconds after completing the purchase I received an email showing me where I can download my FREE copy of WinZip 11! Sweet!

I began thinking that if more (reputable) companies supported this “payment feature” then I would be more willing to buy more on the internet. Imagine being able to get Adobe CS3 for FREE if you buy an airline ticket. Hint, hint Adobe 🙂

Now I’m on the hunt for more software companies that offer this alternative. In case you need to purchase WinZip 11 and you still need a Mother’s Day gift, here’s the link:


  1. Jacob Munson says:

    Did you know that there are a LOT of free, no strings attached, zip programs out there? I can’t see paying for a compression program anymore…

  2. pipit says:

    Agree with Jacob.
    You can spend the money to give your Ma other things with the free zip software, like 7zip.
    But nice idea, to combine the payment 🙂

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