Scorpio Sneek Peak Online Presentation Summary

Posted: May 2, 2007 in ColdFusion

Hello World,

In case you missed Adam Lehman’s online presentation (hosted by Carahsoft) here is a summary of what he covered in his Sneek Preak of Scorpio (ColdFusion 8).

Disclaimer: The information you will find in this blog is based on the pre-release version of ColdFusion 8 (Scorpio). One or more features may not be available in the final public release.

Developer Support

  1. Image Support. This feature ranks as number 1 of the most exciting features I look forward to.
  2. <CFAJAXPROXY>. AJAX integration will be so much easier!
  3. AJAX Wizard. Just like the Flex/CF Wizard in Flex builder you will be able create complete interfaces based on your data store.
  4. Rich DHTML and AJAX Controls. This is an entire (Yahoo UI based) library of cross-browser controls. The controls will be extensible and skinnable. What about Spry? A few examples of the controls include:
    • Grid
    • Tree
    • Dual Select Lists
    • Auto-Suggest
    • Calendars
    • Date Pickers
  5. New and Improved File I/O.
  6. Enhancements to <CFDOCUMENT>
  7. Enhancements to Reporting functionality. I find that the ability to use external Stylesheets one of the most exciting enhancements.
  8. Object Oriented CFC Interfaces
  9. Arugument Collections. I like this feature of being able to pass a structure as an argument to an attribute
  10. Implicit Array and Structure Creation. This is very similar to what you see in Actionscript code.
  11. Javascript Operators in <CFSCRIPT>


  1. .NET Integration. The CF’ers will be able to play well with the .NET’ers!
  2. New Microsoft Exchange tags.
  3. On-Demand Presentations. This feature ranks as number 2 (a very close second) of the most exciting features I am looking forward to.
  4. Communicate with Flash Media Server via Event Gateways. This is bi-directional push technology.
  5. PDF Manipulation. No big surprise here!

Improved Management and Administration

  1. User based Administration and RDS. It’s soooo about time!
  2. Server Monitoring. Uses a Flex 2 front-end. Hum … is this a case for Apollo? You can build your own Server Monitoring interface using the Server Monitoring API. OK This feature ranks as number 3 (a very close second) of the most exciting features I am looking forward to.
  3. Per Application Mapping. Nuf said.
  4. Added Platform Support. Vista!? Come on!
  5. It’s a blindingly fast … faster.

So when can you expect to get your hands on the public release of ColdFusion 8? It’s expected to be released by mid-2007. There are several User Groups around the world that will be talking more about ColdFusion 8. Take a look at the Adobe Events page to find out when they will be near you. I expect a great deal of information to be revealed at the upcoming CFUnited Conference. CFUnited is the premier ColdFusion conference held on the east coast and hosted by TeraTech, Inc. Last year Adobe announced the release of the much anticipated Flex 2 at CFUnited. I would be willing to bet that Adobe will announce the release of another aniticiapted product during this year’s CFUnited. It will be well worth your time and money to attend this event.



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