Flex Coding Guidelines

Posted: April 6, 2007 in Flex

Hello World,

I found a post by Fabio Terracini about Flex Coding Guidelines. Although the site is in Portuguese he provides both a Portuguese and English version of the PDF document. I’m glad to see that someone has spent the time to tackle this very important matter.

Why is this important?

Have you ever tried to understand another developer’s application code? Each developer has their own style and manner of coding. Having to read and maintain another developer’s code can sometimes be difficult. For an experienced developer maintaining and enhancing smaller applications can be a “no brainer”. However as the application and project size increases, consistency increases in importance so that, in case of multiple people working on the same code, it becomes easier for another developer to understand what others have done.

You can visit his blog post on the site by going here: http://blog.dclick.com.br/2007/02/10/adobe-flex-coding-guidelines/.

You can download the English version of the document here: http://blog.dclick.com.br/wp-content/uploads/adobe-flex-coding-guidelines-v12-english.pdf.



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