The turtle (Webservice) and the hare (RemoteObject)

Posted: March 9, 2007 in Flex

Hello World,

Mark Piller just posted a facinating blog about the performance and speed differences between using Webservices, HTTPServices, and RemoteObjects in Flex. It should be no suprise that RemoteObjects are faster than the other two. But it was suprising to me just how fast.

Take a look at his blog and sample Flex application that allow you to clock just how various types of RemoteObject calls stack up against WebService andHTTPService calls. Am I saying that we should dump all of our WebService SOAP or HTTPService REST calls? No. Each type of invocation has it’s place. It really depends on the type and scope of the application. In addidtion, it depends on what kind and how much control you may (or may not) have on the remote object.

“A carpenter has many tools in his toolbelt. Each one serves a different purpose in the context of its application” Choose the right tools to get the job done(period)



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