Back from Vacation!

Posted: February 12, 2007 in Uncategorized

Hello World,

I’m back from the “Steep and Deep” of the Colorado white stuff. For those of you non-snow lovers, “Steep and Deep” is a term that means steep slopes and deep snow (powder). I had an interesting time in Colorado. Me and four friends of mine visited two main resorts in CO, Vail and Breckenridge. Although I had a really fun time on the slopes and with my friends, I wasn’t completely in the best of health during most of the trip. For all but two days during the trip I suffered from a moderate case of High Altitude sickness. It involved lots of bodily “expenditures”. I don’t think Vail appreciated how I expressed my excitement for the mountain. I suffered through the pain … the mountain gave us lots of snow to ride down … and I gave back to it … on my knees in the snow repeatedly. Well lots of water, medicines, and days later I was finally able to really enjoy myself … it was on the final ride day of our vacation. Oh well … live and learn.

Although I liked Vail (even in my un-healthy state) I really enjoyed Breckenridge. My comparison of the two can be summed up like this;

“At Vail you ride the trails, at Breckenridge you ride the mountain”

I would have loved to stay longer but I am glad to be back. I felt a bit cutoff from what was going on in Technology and it’s good to be back. As you can see from my previous post the FlexManiacs Conference registration is now open.

The World and the Wide Web doesn’t stop turning for anyone.



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