Just call me … Mr Rushin … A.C.P.

Posted: January 26, 2007 in Adobe, ColdFusion

Hello World,

Well folks … it’s finally happened.

I got my ColdFusion MX7 Developer Certification!

It’s been a few years since I first said that I was going to get certified. So I strapped in, held my breath, and took the leap. I must admit, I felt like I would rather swim in shark tank in Australia than face the test. But that’s just me. I snowboard down some of the steepest slopes, I love playing paintball, I like bungee jumping when I can … but taking tests scares the willies out of me???

So, what’s my score? Who cares. I passed. Seriously. This one test does not define the level of the ColdFusion knowledge and skills I’ve gained over the past 7 1/2 years. Let me give you an example … if you were to take the written DMV exam right now, how many of you could honestly say that you would pass? And if you failed does that mean you can’t drive well. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take the test and do your best to pass. It is one of the measurements of your knowledge and expertise and shouldn’t be taken lightly. After all, in the this world, many people judge you by the number of diplomas, certificates, and acronyms you have at the end of you name (and I’m not talking about Jr. or Sr.).

Sorry, I’m just letting off a little steam.

So now that I’ve passed the test what am I going to do? Well I ain’t going to Disney World. Its time to hit the slopes!



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