Are you a Flex Maniac?

Posted: January 17, 2007 in Apollo, Flex

Hello World,

Do you dream of Flex solutions during the night? Do you see an html application and say, “I wonder how that would look in Flex?” Do you yearn to build the utlimate cross-platform, desktop/mobile, uber-mashup, Flex-based application? I don’t think I can help you there but you may be able to find help at …


The FlexManiacs 2007 Conference is the first East Coast Flex conference for Flex developers, by Flex developers. This much anticipated conference, hosted by Fig Leaf Software, Adobe, and CarahSoft, will feature 2 days of 60 minutes lectures and 90 minute Hands On sessions all for only $249.00. Compare that to the cost of two full day classes in Flex and you’ll see why you can’t miss this event. A few of the confirmed speakers include:

Ted Patrick – Flex Evangelist, Adobe Systems

Mike Nimer – Former ColdFusion Engineer for Adobe

Jeff Tapper – Author of Adobe Flex 2: Training from the Source

Dave Watts -CTO and Certified Flex Instructor, Fig Leaf Software

Make reservations now for June 25th and 26th to attend the FlexManiacs 2007 conference in Washington, DC. You won’t regret it.

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