Is Adobe Flex Right for Your Organization?

Posted: November 30, 2006 in Flex, Presentations

Are you missing out on what the new Adobe Flex 2 can do for your organization? Tired of browser incompatibilities? What to increase website usability and sales at the same time?

Adobe Flex 2 is the leading application development solution for delivering rich Internet applications. It enables developers to be able to build next generation web experiences that help organizations engage users more effectively, increase productivity, and deliver better business results. Join us in this Webinar as we show you how Adobe Flex 2 can help your team create beautiful, scalable applications that can reach most anyone on nearly any platform.

I will be giving a one hour Webinar on Flex 2 geared towards managers who may be trying to determine if Flex 2 is right for thier organization. This Webinar is being hosted by TeraTech, Inc.

Come and join us and you could win a copy of the Adobe Flex 2: Training from the Source book. You must be “virtually” present to win.

Click on this link ( to register for the Webinar now!


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