A Poster (actually 3) is Worth A Thousand Words!

Posted: October 31, 2006 in Flex

Like a child at Christmas time I was so excited when one of my coworkerspresented me with the three Flex 2 posters; two Flex Framework Diagrams and one ActionScript 3.0 Class Diagram. Thank you Liz, you are a star! They are so large that I was only able to hang one of the three, the Flex Framework Diagram (1 of 2). I think that I will change my “Flex Wallpaper” every two weeks. Flex Wallpaper … humm, that gives me an idea for a great little Flex/Apollo app.

Didn’t make it to Max ’06? Wanna get your own copy of the posters? The posters have been made available in PDF format on the Flex.org site.

You can download the ActionScript 3 API poster here.

You can download the Flex 2 Framework poster here.

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